The big room is our main tracking room. It can accommodate anything from a 4-piece rock band to a 50-piece choir.

60 Input Neve V51 Console
Dynamics on every channel

Pro Tools HD3
Studer A820 2" 24 track
Studer A812 1/4" 2-track
60 Compressors on console
(one on each channel)
Neve 33609 (stereo) x2
Neve 2254 x2
Urei 1178 (stereo)
Urei 1176 (Blackface)
Joe Meek SC 2 (stereo)
BSS DPR 402 (stereo)
DBX 160x
ADR stereo compressor
EMT 156 stereo mastering compressor/limiter/expander
Neve 31102 preamp/eq x 4
Neve 1073 preamp/eq x 4
Reverbs, etc.
AMS S-DMX pitch shift/delay
AMS RMS-16 reverb
AMS DMX-15 delay
Sony R-7
Eventide H-3000SE Harmonizer
Lexicon PCM 60
PCM 70
PCM 80
PCM 81
Klark-Teknik DN 780 reverb x 2
Yamaha SPX 990
Sansamp RBI